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Reference: Why I Photograph


Anguish, Hope and Beauty

[All that I have to say about photography, and why I do it, is on the wall. The images say everything. Yet, I know that it is sometimes difficult to find meaning without a frame of reference andI do not intend to force my sentiments about my work upon the viewer, but rather relate an understanding of where it is I am coming from and where I may be going.]

Largely my work is an attempt to find that which survives, that which has resisted the ravages of time and neglect. The images are not an attempt to revive what is gone, but rather to testify to what-has-been. These subjects stand as a testament to the past, and yet they situate us within the present and hint at where we may be in the future.

Within these subjects, despair and alienation pulled through, hand-in-hand, with beauty. They exist together within the subject and I have no intention of seperating one emotion from the other. But at the unification of anguish and splendor lies the candlelight glow of hope, and it is from this hope which the light of all beauty radiates.

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