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Reference: Technical and General Fine Art Photography Articles and Links
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Why I Photograph - anguish, hope and beauty
Print Size Matters - the size of a print can have a dramatic aesthetic effect, or bigger isn't always better
Tips and Tricks for Photogrpahers - some original, some borrowed, some funny, some serious
Error Accumulation - the old "chain is only as strong as its weakest link" thing, but worse
Archival Print Considerations - a quick primer on archivability
Recommended Photography Books - a list of the books I find useful and inspiring

Technical Articles:
Testing, Testing... - how to determine your personal EI and development times, and a safelight fog test
The Zone System - an explanation of the zone system, and a practical guide for its implementation
Photographic Materials - a list of the photographic and darkroom items I find useful
Dry Mounting Black and White Prints - how I prefer to mount the final print, and how to do it
Hanging Prints - some personal advice on putting prints on the wall

Lynn Radeka- color and monochrome photography of the American West, and an ardent innovator of equipment
Bruce Barnbaum- black and white photography; best slot canyon work I've ever seen
J. Souther- truly an explorer of abandoned places with a knack for capturing the uneasy feeling of being forgotten
Tanya Schmidtke- black and white photographer from Canada
Michael Kenna- black and white work, much of it shot in Japan
Elliott Teel- fine art and travel photography
Bret Culp Fine Art Photography- Black and White and Color Landscape, Nature, and City Fine Art Photographs with themes of Resilience, Reclamation, and Renewal
Paul Politis - Black and white fine art photography portfolio; various themes. Portraits, nature, nudes and more. Also, series' on Cuba, Night photographs.
Rhea Malinofsky- fine art black and white photography; slot canyons and flowers
Roy Pope Photography - photography
Derek Langley - fine art black and white and sepia photography, with a focus on London, Oxford & Cambridge
Stuart Haden - a diverse black and white photographer with work ranging from streets to trees to people
Klaus Kubelka - travel photography, and guides
Photoclub Vancouver - nice site with lots of info and photographers, a well-oiled group indeed

Suppliers and Reference Sites (I use these suppliers personally, and have no connection with them): - a great resource forum and an expansive Photo Gallery - lots of good discussions and info
Large Format - another great forum and a wealth of technical info for Large Format
Midwest Photo Exchange - some of the best people to do business with for photographic equipment
Badger Graphic - the other best people to buy camera equipment from
Freestyle Photo - the best supplier of darkroom supplies, especially if you are on the West coast
Light Impressions - the best source for framing and archiving supplies
B&H Photo - only dealer in NY that I will deal with, huge selection, but not always the best prices or service
RH Designs - makers of the best darkroom timers on the planet, seriously
Lens Work Magazine - one of the few remaining great black and white photography magazines

Art Support - fine art photography resource - photo restoration, photo retouching and special effects
Able Photography - photography articles and links
All Links Directory- link directory
The Light Room- a photographic arts community Artistic photography related directory
World City Pages, Los Angeles- city specific information, artists and photographers
Electronic Cottage Online Arts & Crafts Gallery- Proud to be an exhibiting member / photographer
Story Mania / Art - Online collection of various art and photography
Photography Sites - Fine art photography
A Photo Galaxy - Various photography sites
Grant Collier - color nature images, photography
Top Photos .net - A photo resource

Photo Links - The photography network
Serf to Surf Products - The Perfect Union of Human and Nature; Hemp products
art Art resources directory
black and white photos from around the world
Photographers index .com- internet directory for photography
Tranquility Images- Fine art black and white landscape photography by Craig Wells
photo Photography directory
Gourt - Directory
Photography Galleries - Photography galleries focusing on wide variety of subjects and styles.
e Art - Fine art paintings, prints and photography, plus much, much more.
ArtDeadline.Com - A searchable database and magazine with comprehensive artist support services


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