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Reference: Recommended Books


The following are books I personally have found useful and/or inspiring. I have linked most of the books to solely because of its comprehensive review system and product detail, but I recommend using to help support the remaining independent bookstores. Abebooks is especially wonderful if you enjoy owning nice, older copies of a book rather than the glossy paperback new ones, and they tend to have the harder to find books at great prices.


Technical Photography Books:

The Zone VI Workshop - Picker: a great overview of film testing procedures
The Variable Contrast Printing Manual - Anchell
The Camera, The Negative, The Print - Ansel Adams: These 3 books will keep you busy for quite a while
Basic Photographic Materials and Processes - Stroebel, Et. Al. - I cannot recommend this book enough
Black and White Darkroom Dataguide - Kodak
Encyclopedia of Photography - Focal Press
View Camera Technique - Stroebel: I have an older version that does not include all the digital gimmickry
The Darkroom Cookbook - Anchell
Beyond the Zone System - Davis


General Photography Books:

Photographers on Photography - Various Authors (not found on Amazon, linked to AbeBooks)
On Being a Photographer - Hurn / Jay: (linked to Lenswork store, they publish it, why not get it direct?)
Beauty in Photography - R. Adams
On Photography - Sontang

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