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All prints are hand processed from start to finish by me personally. I use only the finest materials; all print paper is fiber based and selenium toned for archival stability. I mat and frame each print individually as well, taking the utmost care to tastefully present the image without overpowering it. All prints come in limited editions of either 25 or 50 depending on the image. For purchase or questions please contact me directly:

A full list of the images, prices and editions numbers can be found on the image list.


Portfolio I: antiques (for lack of a better word), tools, machinery and the like
Portfolio II: canyon-scapes mostly; emphasis on shared forms and textures
Portfolio III: the abandoned and forgotten "West"; emphasis on mid-size subjects and details
Portfolio IV: a more modern influence of man; emphasis on angular subjects and compositions
Portfolio V: a selection of tight, in-camera crops (though not generally macro)
Portfolio VI: a study of form in the deterioration of "woodwork"

[All images are shot in black and white, in their "found settings" using only natural / available light]

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Traditional Fine Art, Black and White Photography, Limited Edition Framed Prints Available.
All images Copyright Todd Schoenbaum 2005