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Image List: Portfolio IV: Oregon Spring


Ilford Pan-F developed (N) in ID-11; Mamiya RB67 Pro-S, 180mm lens;
Oriental Seagull VCFB 8x10 in Dektol, selenium toned.

2003 Highway 26, OR. While on a rambling photography trip through the Northwest we took a few detours to see friends of friends and I was getting a little tired and annoyed. After leaving the hostel in Portland, we decided to try and get to the coast before sunset. Highway 26 was our route through the vast clearcuts of what was once Oregon's giant forests. And if you don't look too hard, you may not notice the shaved hillsides, as the cunningly placed beauty strips of trees alongside the highway ensure that the majority of Oregon's tourist population never miss the forest as they drive through at 75 miles an hour. We pulled over a few times on this highway to check things out, particularly interesting was the swampy river area bathed in low sunlight on the Southwest side of the road. We walked along it for a mile or so, with nothing working out too well. I thought again about that odd watering faucet back at the turn-off where we had parked. I decided to head back and the more I thought about it, the more excited I got. It seems that out here in the middle of nowhere, a natural spring was the most likely water supply for it, and so people just left it running. Locals would stop by on their drive (and in the middle of my shooting) to fill up a water bottle with the fresh spring water that never stops flowing. I shot an entire roll on this subject, with slightly different angles and compositions, all the while the lighting was changing fast as the sun moved through the trees. Only in this one exposure was the light just right. This shot is one of the main reasons why Pan-F is my new favorite film. The detail of the fine print is difficult for me to reproduce on the computer and this image in particular can only be fully appreciated in person.

I learned a good lesson in getting this shot... "look behind you!" A lesson for life, a lesson for photography.

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