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Image List: Portfolio IV: Japanese Garden


Kodak TXP @ 320 developed (N+1) in ID-11; Mamiya RB67 Pro-S, 50mm lens;
Oriental Seagull VCFB 11x14 in Dektol, selenium toned.


2003 Portland, OR. This shot was taken on what I imagine is a typical Portland day at the Portland Japanese Garden. It was overcast and drizzling all day. The grounds are beautiful and I spent about 6 hours there. By the end, I was cold, beat, and I was getting lazy. Fortunately, this was the first shot I took while there. The difficult thing about a place like this is finding shots that feel unique and powerful, without feeling too much like a postcard in the gift shop. On a side note, stopping by the gift shop when photographing an often visited site is a good way to figure out what not to do.

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