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Fine Art Photography, Black and White Prints - valley of fire

Kodak TXP @ 400 E.I. developed (N+1) in ID-11; ~1/15s @ f/16; Mamiya RB67 Pro-S, 180mm lens;
Oriental Seagull VCFB 5x7 in Dektol, selenium toned.


2004 Valley of Fire (outside of Las Vegas, NV).

Ironically enough, the Valley of Fire was much more akin to the Valley of Rain during my time there. As I pulled up to the entrance station, the ranger was laughing because it was raining so hard. By the time the map passed out of her window and into mine it was soaked. I decided to stop by the visitor center on my way in to see if the rain would lighten up a little bit, and to learn more about the area. I feel that it really helps my photography, if I know more about my subject. In the parking lot of the visitor center there were several big trailers, people loitering around, lighting props, buffet tables, and other such things and I though to myself "Ahh shit, I cant even get away from Hollywood out in the middle of the desert." It turned out that they were shooting a commercial for the new Ford GT and Mustang, complete with water trucks to spray down the roads.

This composition was among a large wall of such formations just near the visitor center, although I did spend a good deal of time exploring the rest of the park. There are some very nice petroglyphs back in the canyons.

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