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black and white print - pipes

Kodak TMX @ 50 1/2 E.I. developed (N+1) in ID-11; ~1s @ f/11; Mamiya RB67 Pro-S, 90mm lens, #8 yellow;
Oriental Seagull VCFB 8x10 in Dektol, selenium toned.

2004 Los Angeles, CA

I shot this at an outdoor train museum in Los Angeles. The man at the gate didn't really want to let me through with my large Gitzo tripod and he actually thought that my Mamiya was some sort of video camera. It took a few minutes of explaining to convince him that I was not shooting video, nor was I scouting for a new movie. Typical Los Angeles for you. Most of the engines and cars in the area were coated in hundreds of layers of paint, which I have never liked. I always wish that they would just allow these beautiful machines to age gracefully, rust and all.

I found this composition hiding under one of the box cars, an area they neglected to over-paint. What particularly caught my eye was the wonderful textures of the corroded tank in contrast with the woven pipes coverings. This is actually the last image on the 10 image roll, and the only one which I included the dark area along the bottom. This image requires very little dodging and burning, all of the darker tones are actually there on the negative.

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