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Image List: Portfolio I: Dusty Tools

Fine Art Photography, Black and White Prints - dusty tools

Ilford Delta 100 developed (N+1) in D-76; ~2min @ f/5.6; Mamiya RB67 Pro-S, 90mm lens;
Oriental Seagull VCFB 5x7 in Dektol, selenium toned.

2001 Bishop, CA. This old collection of tools was on the floor just to the left of the sewing machine in one of my other shots. I love the texture of the aging metal and the dust coated floorboards. The lighting came from a small, high window on the south side of the room, casting the subdued light you see here. This print requires very little manipulation and the top is not burned in, the rapid light fall-off on the tools is the result of the small size of the window.


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